Hsiu-Huei Wang Taiwan Art & Civilisation

Hsiu-Huei Wang Taiwan Art & Civilisation


Аннотация к книге Hsiu-Huei Wang Taiwan Art & Civilisation. Situated in the South East of China, Taiwan was at the crossroads of many maritime routes and squeezed between its neighbors, China and Japan. Taiwans specific situation in Asia is the source of its thorn past. Through magnificent illustrations, Taiwan reveals its secret beauty, its fauna and flora intertwined with its unique architecture. After centuries of foreign occupation, Taiwan has a unique history. One thus fully grasps why the Portuguese named her Ilha Formosa, beautiful island. Taiwan, Art and Civilization sheds light on Taiwans beautiful scenery as well as its colorful history in the form of a true initiatory trip. Home of the traditional and the modern, the gorgeous island is also the home of a very dynamic artistic scene.

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  1. Спосибо за скачку,только немогли бы подсказать пожалуйста пороль на распоковку тем!

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