Octave Uzanne Canaletto

Octave Uzanne Canaletto


Аннотация к книге Octave Uzanne Canaletto. His main purchasers were British aristocracy because his views reminded them of their Grand Tour. Influenced by Giovanni Panini, he is specialised in vedute (views) of Venice, his birth place. Canaletto spent ten years in England. Canaletto began his career as a theatrical scene painter, like his father, in the Baroque tradition. Strong contrast between light and shadow is typical of this artist. John Smith sold Canaletto’s works to George III, creating the major part of the Royal Canaletto Collection. He also published, thanks to John Smith, his agent, a series of etchings of Cappricci. His greatest works influenced landscape painting in the nineteenth century. In his paintings geometrical perspective and colours are structuring. Furthermore, if some of those views are purely topographical, others include festivals or ceremonial subjects.

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